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About Us

Why should you choose politick poll?

Political consulting is crucial to the success of political parties in winning elections. Voting boxes, banners, paper stickers, cards, public address systems of rickshaws, and other methods of promoting candidates in the electoral process have all been employed in the past. There has been a significant shift in how to engage voters over the past decade. The introduction of technology, media privatization, and the widespread use of social media has altered the realities of winning an election.

Previously, PCOs were the only type of phone available to rural areas; today, millions of people in rural areas own smartphones. They are now informed about events taking place both domestically and abroad. The strategy of "getting in contact" or "means of influencing minds" are now quite complicated, but using technology to our advantage can also be beneficial. Along with the altered environment in which the voter now acts, we also need to consider the guidelines established by the election commission.

The days when voters would cast their ballots based solely on a wave of support for a particular party are long gone. Now, successfully managing several aspects is necessary to win an election. These factors must be discovered through research, surveys, and plan development. They must also be combined with proper media coverage and perfect advertising campaign implementation.

One effective method of scientifically reaching the general public within the confines of the law is through professional political consulting. In addition to maximizing the impact of your political agenda, Politick poll's political consulting services ensure that you have a majority of the voter's attention by deliberately designing campaigns that speak to the perspectives of the demographics' wide range of socioeconomic groups.

Contributing to the Victory of Democracy

Planning and execution of election services

Managing a political candidate's image and building it further

Analyzing and launching mass-influence campaigns

A winning team with experience for a certain victory

In-depth analysis of the macro- and micro-political environment

Political analysis using technology and grassroots outreach

Utilizing youth energy in politics


What we do at politickpoll

Political parties are aware that while specific tactics may have been successful earlier, they might not be effective now. As a result, many parties are now using the services of election campaign services providers to achieve their political objectives in a highly skilled and professional manner. Taking into account all of these facets of Indian politics, Politick Poll offers you a personalized strategic plan that goes beyond traditional political strategies and media management to address contemporary issues that transcend both. We focus on the many different aspects of elections and their micromanagement, which ultimately profoundly affect voters' minds and change them into prospective supporters of ours by altering their views.


Why should you choose us?

We consider it crucial to spread the word about our candidate's goals and objectives. Using the most up-to-date technology tools, we developed a tailored strategic plan that aids in creating a candidate's exclusive wave that promises to be unstoppable during elections. Additionally, by piercing deeper layers of strategy, we established the groundwork for a series of political initiatives that not only shatter the ice but also deepen the connection between the electorate and the candidates. We fulfill our part with dedication with the help of different services such as election campaigns, surveys, conducting polls, marketing through various methods, following different ways to reach your objectives to the voters, etc.

Ethical values

Every company should have ethical values. These values reflect the soul of the people who established the company with good motives. These moral values also help maintain the same values throughout the company's journey. These values encourage employees to follow them honestly. Politick Poll also has these values. Let us look at them.


Honesty is an integral part of any company to get success. Politick Poll company has honesty as the base of the company. You can see this honesty in our employees at every work we do.


Commitment is essential for any work to get completed. That's why when we commit to one work, we will only rest once that work finishes. We will work hard and smart to achieve our goals.


At Politick Poll, we conduct surveys and polls and do digital marketing to give a massive win for a leader. This whole process is only possible with a team, and our teamwork is one of our strengths at Politick Poll. "When you work as a team, soon you will reach your dream" is our motivation.

Supporting truth and justice

Politick Poll is a company that was established with the pure aim of serving people by introducing honest and loyal leaders. That's why we continually support truth and justice.

Oppose any illegal activities and bribing

Politick Poll strictly prohibits and opposes any illicit activities on the office campus. If anyone is found to take bribes or do other illegal activities, they will be fired from their duties.

Strict adherence to the law

The whole group of Politick Poll respects our constitution and law and thus follows every rule and regulation clearly with the entire heart, body, and soul. We make it clear and ultimately clarity to our future employees, too—any failure to obey the law is a punishable offense.

Having these rules as the company's ethical values, We provide our best services with honesty and dedication to our clients.